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I’ll answer these because I love you Simran <3 (im answering this at four am so im half asleep)

Questions tagged by the lovely randomandready

My Questions:

  • What is your biggest passion as of now?

Right now I’m extremely passionate about making perfect playlists for specific occasions/people, and also speed tv series watching. 

  • If there was one song that you had to pick to represent your life best what would it be and why?

"I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry, only because it’s relevant/funny. But if i had to be truthful I’d say "Youth" by Daughter.

  • Describe the happiest memory you remember having and it's relevance?

nah son

  • (Taking the chance because I can) Do you realize you're absolutely wonderful, talented, adorable and downright inspirational? (Because you are)

THANK YOU, at least someone besides me thinks this <3 Sometimes i get hit with major realisation :o (simran you’re quite wonderful yourself)

  • What, in your opinion, is one of the most notable traits/quirks you have?

well i do this all the time, for different reasons (maybe only i know), but i smirk, or i just smile more to one side of my mouth. idk its one of the most notable i guess

  • What would love of any form, if it had a taste, taste like in your opinion?

i think it would taste like the first drops of rain to touch your tongue on the gloomiest day of the year; refreshing, wet, different - something that hits you out of nowhere. the best part that comes out of an otherwise grey unknown. it has to be welcomed and savoured. as plain, overlooked, and as needed as water but brought about differently. idk or maybe ice cream? sweet and cold  

  • What is your opinion on the 'modernization' of the world today?(Ah the time of deep questions here I go)

i am a total modern stuff/technology appreciator. i embrace the modernisation as it happens, after all, we wouldnt have tumblr otherwise. it can be a beautiful thing if put in good hands (aka mine). one thing though, i find that it is completely unnecessary for children to have iphones/ipads available at their tiny gross fingertips. 

  • Considering the fact that, a couple 1000 years ago, the human race's main goal was survival, would you say we're living a painfully routined life? Why do you think as such?

i would say that it is monotonous to those whose lives are considered secure and stable, or the people who dont step out of their comfort zone once in a while and experience their days differently; doing what they actually want to be doing. how one lives their life is totally up to them, so your day is as routined as you make it to be. 

  • Someone thrusts into your hands a book that contains the life stories- future, past and present- of everyone you hold dear with the catch that you're allowed to rewrite and change one thing but at the cost of a chapter from your own life; would you do it?

if i could save/edit a life of someone i loved and gave up a chapter from my own life (preferably a crappy chapter) then i would if given the chance.

  • If you were thrown into an alternate universe where everyone you knew- except you- was suddenly of the opposite gender, who would be the first person you'd visit?

would these people know me back? if they did then id totally visit all my friends just to laugh at them. probably simran just because id love to see how silly she would be as a guy. ;) ;)